Couples Counselling with Rosalind

From time to time, relationships can become fractured, turbulent and broken.

There are many issues that can affect a relationship, such as: arguing and poor communication, affairs, commitment to the relationship, starting a family, mental health issues impact the relationship. These can each cause unhappiness and conflict.

My training & experience includes:

I have undertaken world class training with the internationally recognised Gottman Institute and I can help you to address and overcome any problems, or issues that you may be facing within your relationship. Whether you are dating, newlyweds or newly committed, empty nesters, considering divorce or just looking for resources to help you both to work through independently and together.

I can help you with issues, such as:

  • Communication barriers surrounding neurodiversity within the relationship

  • Ethical non-monogamy relationships, not limited to polygamy

  • Communication breakdowns arguments and withdrawal

  • Affairs and betrayal

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Separation and Divorce seems the only option

Counselling can help you and your partner to:

  • Understand each other more

  • Move away from past behaviours / hurtful events towards a positive future together

  • Understand what eachother needs and how to meet those needs

  • Understand negative patterns of behaviour and how to work through them to establish positivity within the relationship

Safe & non judgemental

I provide a safe and non judgmental environment for you and your partner to openly talk in confidence about any challenges or problems that you may be faced with.

I am passionate about helping others ‘feel better’ about themselves, and within their lives, as they navigate their way through the journey of life.

Kind words